• Preordering the Swiss World Atlas

    The new and totally revised printed edition of the Swiss World Atlas will be published on June 16, 2017. We are happy to already take preorders for the new edition via the online shop of the Lehrmittverlag Z├╝rich or via mail to info@lmvz.ch.

  • New 2017 Edition of the Swiss World Atlas

    We are glad to announce the new and totally revised printed edition of the Swiss World Atlas for May 2017. Besides many new and updated maps, the atlas will also appear in a new and modern design. For more information, please have a look at the new product flyer.

  • Figure of the Earth

    The figure of the Earth can be represented, depending on the application, by an ellipsoid of revolution, a geoid or the surface of the Earth’s crust. All these forms show small deviations from the simple spherical form. However, these are too small to identify with the naked eye. The new interactive 3D model offered by […]

  • Interactive Map Projector

    Map projections are typically chosen due to their mapping properties (such as equidistant, equal area, conformal or compromise projections) and the projection center is positioned such that distortions near the graphical center are minimized. A different and more explorative approach to map projections is presented by the projection tool (accessible via maps => test maps) […]

Printed edition

The SWISS WORLD ATLAS is a widespread school atlas in Switzerland. It is characterised by versatile and high standard maps.

SWA interaktiv

Interactive version

The SWISS WORLD ATLAS interactive is the web-based complement to the the traditional printed edition.

Version 1.0.12 with a selection of over 100 maps, appropriate block diagrams and virtual globes