The SWISS WORLD ATLAS interactive is the web-based complement to the the traditional printed edition. The interactive atlas should further increase the attractiveness of the printed version allowing new and innovative ways of utilisation.


The interactive atlas is developed at the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation of the ETH Zurich. The purpose of the project team is to regard the specifics of the SWA, the expectations of teachers just as current trends and ideas about modern geography lessons, sustainability and feasibility.

an easy to use map search and immediate display of maps
an efficient navigation between different maps and themes
a straightforward switch between 2D and 3D map view
a manageable complexity of the maps
the ability to print and export individually composed maps
necessary support for the interpretation of the maps by means of supplementary information

Slideshow of atlas-screenshots

Content and functionality

The high cartographic quality of the printed atlas is sustained in the webatlas provided with an easily operable user interface: the well-known general and thematic maps are improved for students, extendend with editorial work and complemented with interactive functions such as zooming, querying objects, layer visibility, saving and exporting map extracts.



2D map

Besides these interactive functions, the SWISS WORLD ATLAS interactive includes virtual globes, dynamical block diagrams and various model representations that encourage the imagination of the students.



3D block diagram and virtual globe


Additional module “Earth in the Solar System”


Version 1

Version 1 of the SWISS WORLD ATLAS interactive is openly accessible. It is easy to launch with the start button on this website and it is free of charge. As the application is web-based there is no local software installation required. In this first version of the atlas a broad variety of maps of the printed atlas is available. New content is continuously implemented.

Videos about the usage of the SWISS WORLD ATLAS interactive

Start of the atlas and map selection

Interactive maps, block diagrams and globes

Basic functions of the atlas

Creating a worksheet

Map comparison and synchronization