The book form of the SWISS WORLD ATLAS is supplemented by a commentary, which provides teachers with in-depth information on the map series and individual maps in the Atlas.


Author Prof. Dr. Rudolf L. Marr
Format 210 x 297 mm
Content 344 pages, including glossary, subject and name index
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Fr. 68.80 (retail price)
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Lehrmittelverlag Z├╝rich

The commentary meets the need for further information on the content of the topographic and thematic maps and their implementation in the geographical and educational system. In contrast to the printed Atlas it is structured thematically. Primarily it is conceived for geographers teaching the secondary level I and II. The comments should suit all grades and schools, irrespective whether the lessons are learning target oriented, thematic or regional, targeted at pupils or future-oriented. Moreover it is addressed to everybody who is interested in deepen his/her comprehension of space and broaden their knowledge about our planet.

The commentary is only available in German. An extract can be found here.